The objective is to improve the technical level of the participants.

It is simply a modellers meeting with the purpose of building models, with the peculiarity that there will be famous modellers disposed to teach, show their modelling techniques, solve doubts, etc.

Every participant can choose the workshop that they would like to participate. They can use their models and stuff, watch how their teacher and other modellers work, techniques, etc.

Also, there will be:

  • Model exhibition
  • Hobby Shops
  • A raffle of a model built and paintedo by Almeria Modelismo Team
  • A gift for every participant

The model atmosphere and the “comradeship” made the Clinic be an necessary meeting to any restless modeller.

The first edition of Clinic Modelista was in 2015. We are already working for the fourth one and it will be much better. We are strenghthening the good things of last editions, improving some facets and adding a lot of new proposals.


The organization of the Clinic will be based on the following Categories:

  • Aviation
  • Scenes
  • Figures
  • SCIFI crafts
  • Military vehicles

Every category will be gathered on a table with their respectives and famous and contrasted Modeller as teacher.

The teacher will teach 5 participants. They will be seated around the teacher to work propperly.

We will announce the teachers and workshops. If you have already atended the Clinic, you will be sooner notiffied.

The payment will be liquidated when you make the inscription. You will see the final price during the inscription period.


Friday:  17:00 h – 20:30 h.

Nota: On Friday you will take your seat and to place your stuff.

Saturday:  10:00 h. – 14:00 h. / 16:30 h. – 21:00 h.

Sunday:    10:00 h. – 14:00 h. Closure.


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